Current World Ranking System (WRS) Scoring

The current scoring for the CWSA World Ranking System (WRS) is attached below.
Only current CWSA Afilliated Events and current CWSA Wake Surf Advocate Members are identified in the WRS Scoring.

You will need to register as a CWSA Wake Surf Advocate Member in order for your results to be included in our WRS scoring.

European Wake Surf Tour - Moscow, Russia

The Moscow, Russia stop of the European Wake Surf Tour was held on June 19th - 21st.

This World Series of Wake Surfing event is a CWSA affiliated 3 Star Event with all competitors qualifying for the CWSA World Ranking System points for this event.

The detailed scoring and ranking is posted in the attachment below.  The scoring was cumulative and the final rankings are in the far right column of the attached publication.


2015 CWSA e-Cal

  • Posted on: 7 May 2015
  • By: Todd Gaughan

The new 2015 Competitive Wake Surf Calendar has been published. After you've logged in, scroll to the Navigation menu on the right and click the "">"2015 CWSA e-Cal" link.  This will provide you with a download of any and all wake surf events for the year.  You can import the .ics file into your phone, laptop, tablet or workstation to have the latest & greatest list of wake surf events throughout the year. 

If you wish to add your event, just email the CWSA board and provide the necessary details to be added to the calendar.