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Looking to organize a local module event?

The module format events combine the aspects of ‘Live’ competition – such as a start and end buoy, falls, two passes per run, and more than one run per event – with a video based worldwide competition in a World Series of Wake Surfing event. All module format events will count towards the event attendance requirement to possibly qualify to be invited to the World Wake Surfing Championship.

The module event format is the opportunity for you, your club, your friends, and small groups to participate in a worldwide event even if COVID restrictions in your area limit travel and gathering size, in other words, prevent the execution of a classic live event.

The CWSA offers this opportunity for you, your friends, your school, or club to participate in these events. The CWSA relies on you, the member and other members in your area, to take steps to form a module in your location, so that you can compete.

The requirements for a module event are very minimal:
  • Module venue must register on the CWSA website
  • Module sanctioning cost $250
  • All participating athletes must be CWSA athlete members in good standing
  • No minimum or maximum athletes per module, can be 2 athletes, or 80+ athletes
  • Sanctioning fee includes liability insurance for entities and venues, if available in Module venue country, and accidental injury insurance for CWSA member athletes
  • Suitable Venue with a Course length 45 seconds @ 11.2 mph (18 km/h) plus start and end zones (900 feet / 270M), sufficient depth (15 feet / 4.5M)
  • Tow boat and qualified tow boat pilot
  • There is no limitation on the brand or model of towboat
  • Buoys and related gear
  • CWSA certified Module Head Judge, and Module Co Head Judge, if the Module Head Judge is a competitor in the event
  • Video assistant
  • GoPro 7 and later
  • High speed internet connection to upload releases and videos post event
  • Also recommended equipment and personnel
    • Recovery/staging vessel(s), such as a jet ski
    • Shore personnel
    • Dock Starter/Registration personnel
  • No need to worry about filling divisions, fielding judge teams, or the administrative burdens of a full-on live event.
The CWSA will:
  • Conduct registration for the Module Format event
  • Specify competition format for the event based on the event registration and create the Module Event Running Order.
  • Coordinate and confirm athletes to attend each Module venue and provide list of same to each Module Head Judge
  • Provide event releases to each Module Head Judge
  • Provide event placards in pdf format to each Module Head Judge
  • Render and post all videos from each Module venue
  • Provide judge teams to judge each division in the event
  • Provide judged results for the event
  • Provide all Awards for each judged Division in the event, including Pro cash purse
  • Rank all competitors in the WRS for the event
  • Support Module Head Judges for technical and other issues
If you, your school, your club, or group of friends and acquaintances want to form a module, fill out the application on this page for one of our upcoming modular events to be considered. To be authorized as a module in a module format event, a qualified Module Head Judge is required. For that reason, to train judges for live events, and for new athletes wanting to know about judging, and how events work, and wake surfing overall, the CWSA continues to offer judge training in an online and interactive format. A full schedule of upcoming judging seminars can be found by clicking here. 

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