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Competitive Wake Surf Association, Inc. has been the sole developer of competitive wake surfing on an international level since 2012.

The CWSA is a non-profit organization constantly striving to make wake surfing more accessible for athletes and anyone passionate about the sport on a global scale.  The CWSA’s mission is to continue to promote the sport of wake surfing worldwide by engaging in any lawful activities that develop and promote wake surfing, conducting events to help the sport grow and creating and maintaining great relationships within the wake surf community.  In addition, the CWSA works to ensure that fair standards and regulations, as well as safety regulations, are met and upheld at every wake surf event.

The CWSA was formed in 2012 by a group of 11 wake surf event coordinators who love the sport and want to continue to see it grow. In 2015, The CWSA began developing the World Ranging System (WRS). In 2016, just three years after its emergence, the CWSA took on the great responsibility of managing the World Series of Wake Surfing.  Since then, it has stayed hard at work developing competition rules, guidelines and scoring methods to benefit the wonderful sport of wake surfing.

The CWSA works daily in its mission to promote the growth of wake surfing worldwide.  In the few years since the CWSA formed, it has proudly gained members in over 25 countries and, with the love and dedication shown by every member at the CWSA, we only expect to see more growth in the years to come!

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