2014 Dialogue regarding Scoring and Judging

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The CWSA Board voted to offer an alternative scoring system for 2014 that is a "blended system" incorporating both "objective" trick points and "subjective" scoring categories.  Attached is a "DRAFT" of a possible scorecard for this alterntative "blended system".  Please notice that this draft provides for each of three (3) judges to provide their subjective score in each of four (4) categories for a maximum of 80 subjective points per judge x three judges for a maximum subjective total of 240 points.  These subjective points are then added to the trick points to establish the score for that competition run.

Please take this opportunity to offer your constructive criticism on the proposal to include an alternative "blended" scoring system for 2014, constructive criticism on the "DRAFT" scorecard for that system, AND constructive criticism on the CWSA recommended "Subjective" scoring system used in 2013.

Your input is extremely important to the development of the final recommendations of the CWSA Board.

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I am concerned that the scoring is a pendulum swinging one year one way and the other the next.  I am an advocate of adding more emphasis to the tricks within the current subjective scoring criteria.  This past year results from the judging were known much quicker due to the scoring method.  I would hate to see the laborious task of adding up each and every point, checking and double checking regress the sport.  


Advocates of trick points, will point out that it is the only fair way to count everything, but the reality of it is even when counting everything, some may be missed anyway. I may be wrong, but I did not hear an outcry from competitors to change the system.  There is a beauty to flow and fluidity, not just counting trick after trick for the sake of trick points.  Competitors should choreograph runs to show artistry in this wonderful sport.


The question also arrises as to which events will use this proposed system?  What system will be in effect for Worlds.  I think that it should be know in advance what scoring system will be in effect for what event.


Once again, I see this proposed change as major and think a tweak is more appropriate.  Make the tweaked system mandatory for all qualifying events.